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Enroll your child in Discovery Day Care At Messenger Square. We are located in Plainville, Massachusetts, and provide preschool and kindergarten-age children with an excellent education. Check out our gallery for a closer look at our day care center!


Discovery Day Care Center Inc. provides care, social and educational experiences for preschool children whose parents need child care arrangements

We aim to:

  • Create a warm and stimulating learning environment
  • Help children develop a strong sense of competence and worth.
  • Plan activities to meet the needs of each individual
  • Help each child understand his own rights and feeling as well as those of others
  • Guide the child in learning to share and make friends
    Child Playing - Day Care Center
    We wish to provide a quality program which will encompass social,educational, developmental and emotional growth for each child on as individual a basis as possible. We have qualified staff and equipment available to meet these objectives. We hope to prepare these children to meet the challengers of further education with confidence and enthusiasm.

    Goals and Objectives:

    Discovery Day Care is a center servicing a total of 100 children (48 preschoolers, 27 toddlers and 25 kindergarten and school age). The preschool morning program is divided between free play, structured activities including group meeting weekly units, such as music and art projects which are age appropriate and nurture creativity. The center provides a learning environment in which teachers are aware of the development needs of the individual child as well as the needs of the children as a group. Discovery Day Care Center contains child-sized equipment to accommodate the children. We assist the children in the development of their language skills. The center provides sensory materials, fine motor materials and gross motor materials. Materials for social studies, pre-mathematics, creative expression (i.e.art, music, drama) are also provided.)

    About Discovery Child Care Center

    Center time is probably the most important time during the day for a kindergartener. It allows them the time they need developmentally, to explore their environment and make sense of what they are learning. It is not a quiet time, nor is it a noisy time, but a time when they can use their voices to communicate with friends, show excitement, or ask questions. It is an opportunity for them to move around their classroom and manipulate
    various objects.

    Center time is usually about 45 minutes in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon. Children choose what center they would like by moving their nametag on the center choice board. Each center has a set number of children that can play there at a time. This is to ensure that not too many children are in one center at a time. Children understand that when they choose a center they are responsible to play there for “awhile” and cleanup what they used before they leave. Children are encouraged to use various centers and make the most of their center time experience.